Shutting Down Your Facebook Business Page! Are you Crazy!

Why I Shut Down my Facebook Page

Facebook has been a constant in my business life and I have championed it from the moment I signed! Way back in 2006.  But it has evolved dramatically over those years (which it should do) and I just don’t use it in the way I used to.

Facebook Pages used to be a bit part of running a small business and I am sure they still are for a lot of businesses. But Make Money with Cakes is relatively new to the Facebook Pages scene and I never felt it was used in the way my cake businesses Page was/is used.

Plus I actually found it quite a challenge to keep on top of updating it every week. I have always said to my mentoring clients, it is better to have no social media than to do it badly.

And I was doing Make Money With Cake’s Facebook Page badly.

So one rainy April afternoon in 2019 I decided to shut down the Make Money with Cakes Facebook Page.

Instant relief.

As soon as I clicked delete a huge weight lifted off my shoulders and I thought to myself, “Yes!!!! One less thing in my life that I didn’t worry about!!!”

I was overjoyed.

Now I still use Facebook and I still champion it but I use it in a different way.  I found Facebook Pages for Make Money With Cakes just weren’t working. But Facebook Closed Groups as amazing.

We have a lovely Make Money With Cakes Closed Group.

The groups are different to pages. I always feel Pages are more about promoting businesses,  sharing a little information and nowadays sharing funny memes. Whereas closed groups are about being supportive in a safe environment, building a network and building friendships. Yes, we share information with each other, yes. we share funny memes but there is community there.

And at its core that is what facebook is about, community.

But closing the Facebook Page has been a fantastic business decision for me. It has freed up time and headspace allowing me to focus on areas that either improve my life or my business.

I would love to know what you think about Facebook. Please do leave a comment in box below.

Pia Cato

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