Have you ever sat there and thought, “where are my customers?”, well you’re not alone. I remember being in that exact same situation when I first started my cake business, The Vanilla Pod Bakery, almost 7 years ago, and one thing that I recall the most is the feeling of pure frustration. (Ahhh!)

All I wanted to do was create delicious cakes for special occasions. I loved (and still love) making cakes, I had started a cake business, I had a website but still had no one to bake for!

No paying customers!

I used to constantly wonder “where are the customers?”. Then, one sunny morning in September, I thought what am I actually doing to find them, and it suddenly started clicking into place.

Up until that point I had’t really been doing much and mostly relied on word-of-mouth. I was procrastinating about what I really needed to get done and felt fearful about taking the next step. But I needed to get myself out there, I needed to meet people, needed to shout from the roof tops about my business. I needed to push myself out of my comfort zone and explore new ways of targeting potential customers.

There and then I challenged myself to complete one activity every week that would help move my business forward. But instead of looking at each task as one massive challenge I broke them down into daily manageable chunks that were easy to achieve. By the end of the month I had completed 4 challenges,  and by the end of the year I had more or less completed 50 marketing related challenges!!!

We Are All In This Together

We all procrastinate, feel fearful and generally try to avoid taking the first few steps of a new challenge, even when it is for the benefit of ourselves and our business. But the next task you undertake, try breaking it down into small parts so that when you come to do them, it’s easy peasy!

Let me know below what task you are going to break down next?

Happy baking!

Pia x

Pia Cato

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