You have been told countless times that you create the most amazing cakes.  Your friends, family and anyone who has ever tasted your cakes, are always saying you should start your own cake business.

But something is holding you back.

Your mind is whirling with all the reasons why you shouldn’t go into business.

Fear, lack of knowledge, self doubt, not enough time, no support, lack of funds, not worthy, doomed to fail, bla, bla, bla and the list goes on.

But these are just excuses that you put into place to stop you from going into the unknown. If I listened to all my self doubts then I wouldn’t have started any of my businesses and what a regret that would have been! Running my own cake business has been amazing and especially in the last couple of years, it has brought me untold joy, happiness and a five figure income – all from only working part-time hours.  No one knows what is around the corner but by taking a leap of faith and following your passions could be the best thing that ever happened to you. You won’t know unless you try.

Now I do know the unknown can be a tad scary, but in the words of Eleanor Roosevelt “Do one thing every day that scares you”. Eleanor  is saying take yourself out of your comfort zone and take charge of your life.  I adore this quote and try to live by it everyday, whether it is attending an event by myself, trying a new recipe, asking for help, striking up a conversation with someone I admire, or simply just smiling at a stranger. It takes practise but the more you live by those words, the less you will fear.

If you feel that fear or any other obstacle is stopping you from launching your own cake business, then think of it it as climbing a staircase, you can’t reach the top unless you climb each step. Being a cake entrepreneur starts with little steps, and with each step you climb, you face one fear and achieve one goal. And then tick you can cross it off your list. 

So I challenge you to start your cake journey today, start by writing why you want a cake business (see that as one one step taken or one big tick). Then tomorrow, write down everything you need to launch your cake business (that is another step taken/ another tick). And then the next day pick one item on your list and action it. Continue taking these little steps, one day at a time and before you know it you will be running your own successful cake business.

So what’s stopping you now!

 Pia x

P.S. If you need friendly support, guidance and advice from someone who has been in your shoes then I am here to help. Schedule a free 30 minute explore call here today.

Pia Cato

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