If you have a website, are you checking your Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is great free online tool by Google which helps you track what your website visitors are up to. It will show stats such as how your visitors are finding your website, the demographic they fall into and so much more.

By understanding this data will help you know where to market your business, find more customers and win more business.

How to use Google analytics


How do you use Google Analytics?

Firstly, you will need a Google account to sign in. If you don’t have one you can easily create one from the Google Analytics homepage.

Next, you will need to follow the set up and add your website (or property as Google like to call it).

So far, so good, it is all quite straight forward.

Now comes the tricky step. You will need to add the tracking code they give you to your website. You can either do this yourself, get your website developer to do it, or purchase a Help Me With My Website session from the Make Money With Cakes Shop.

Once you are completely set up, you will need to wait while google gathers your website data. I am afraid I can’t remember how long this takes. But be patient.

From this point on I recommend monitoring your Google Analytics every month.


What should I monitor?

Google analytics is quite an advanced tool and there are many things I am still learning. However, the key areas I recommend monitoring are:

  •  Audience
  • Acquisition
  • Behaviour

Google analytics


Active Users

In this section you get to monitor the users (ie. the unique visitors) to your website. Ideally this number should be going up each month. It is great to keep an eye on this especially when you are running a promotion, have some type of event or a cake image has gone viral. You will want to see whether any of the marketing activities have increased the traffic to your website.


This is a really interesting section as it will tell you the ages and gender of your website visitors. You should have an ideal target audience and the majority of the users should reflect this target audience. If if doesn’t you need to review, where and who you are marketing to.

For example, my cake business’s target audience are woman aged between 25- 35, as you can see from the image below this is the exact audience that mainly visits my website. 

Demographic from the Vanilla Pod Bakery



This part of Google Analytics gives you the change to find out a little more about your potential customers interested and understand them on a deeper level. Plus it will also help with regards to marketing your business.


This is great for monitoring, where in the world, most of your audience are coming from. Make sure that the majority of you audience are from the country you are selling too! If they are not will be certainly need to rework your marketing plan and activities.


In this section it will give you data as to how your audience likes to view your website. I have found that 46.11% of the visitors to my cake business website use a desktop, 41%.95% while the other 53.89% use a mobile or tablet.

I can’t stress enough that your website should be mobile friendly. If it isn’t you need to get that sorted ASAP. Nowadays Google will even push you down the research results if you don’t have a mobile friendly website! 



All Traffic

This will give you a snap shot of where all your website traffic is coming from. I would say there are no right or wrong sources (apart spam – you don’t want the majority of your traffic coming from spam sites!)  but as a guide 60% of the traffic to my cake business comes from organic search, 20% from direct traffic and the rest from social media or referral links.


In this section you will be able to see straight away which social media sites are working for you. This can help you see where you should concentrate your marketing efforts and also help you decide if you need to drop a platform.

Website traffic to VPB
Vanilla Pod Bakery Website Traffic



In this section you will see what your visitors do in terms of the pages visited. A cake business website’s ultimate function is to convert a visitor into a customer. Ideally you will see the visitor land on the home page and then be funnelled down to a contact us/Order page. The visitors to the home page will far out way the contact us/Order page, but is ok as the people who take action are more than likely going to be the best fit for your business.


I hope you had enjoyed this little guide and let me know if you monitor to your google analytics in the comments box below.

Pia Cato

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