Entering your cake business for a national award is a fantastic way to boost your business profile.  I am a strong believer of entering awards, it is a brilliant marketing strategy and there are so many benefits – even if you don’t win!  This week I caught up with the lovely Kat Jennings, Marketing & Events Assistant for You & Your Wedding. And chatted to her about the super sounding UK Wedding Awards and why cake makers should enter. 

UK Wedding Awards
Hi Kat, it is really lovely to meet you, so can you tell us a little bit about the UK Wedding Awards?

The UK Wedding Awards are the biggest wedding awards in the UK and created by The Wedding Network, a collective made up of You & Your Wedding Magazine, Perfect Wedding Magazine and hitched.co.uk. Three of the most trusted planning and inspirational wedding platforms in the UK. This is the awards second year and is designed to celebrate the best in the wedding industry. Through identifying and rewarding key companies or individuals who make the wedding journey a truly memorable experience.  

What makes the UK Wedding Awards different?

Our awards are unique because we work as a collective  to promote the entrants businesses across all three brands (You & Your Wedding, Perfect Wedding and hitched.co.uk) which in turn reach a huge audience of brides-to-be. Plus by entering our awards you are making yourself known to the publications which is super in building business to business relationships within the wedding industry.  

That sounds awesome, but why should we as cake makers enter?

There is a lot of competition within the cake industry and by showcasing your business to different platforms it can help set you apart. Both the magazines (You & Your Wedding & Perfect Wedding) have section for cakes and the writers are more likely to use cake makers that have entered the awards as you will be on their radars, even if you don’t win. This can be hugely beneficial and will really help your business stand out.  

The awards are not just about winning a trophy and being the best, but it is the publicity and relationships you get from it, which in itself is worth thousands of pounds. You receive social media shout outs, articles about your business, you become friends with the publications and so much more.   Even if you don’t win, you are letting the publications know that you exists and basically saying “hello I am here”.  

What does a good application look like? How can a cake maker stand out?

Variety, the judges want you to showcase your sensational cake designs, exquisite flavours and impressive creations, and they like to be surprised!  Plus a good story really makes an impact. Tell the judges, why you love the industry, really show your passion and love for the cakes that you create for your couple’s special day. The Judges will look at your application form, your social media and your website. We really look into each entrant.

How long does it take to enter the awards?

Not long at all, I would say around  10 -15 minutes.

Enter the UK Wedding Awards

I noticed on the application form there is a fee to enter, why is this? 

That is correct, the fee is £30.00+VAT. We have to charge this as there is so much work that goes into creating these awards. We have judges and a large central team who work unbelievably hard in the build up, during and after the awards. Each category winner will receive marketing and advertising across all three brands worth thousands of pounds. I liken the fee to playing the lottery, you have to be in it to win it.  The payment shows commitment and even if you don’t win, the industry is now aware of you and your cake business. 

I bet a lot of amazing businesses enter the awards, do you know how many ?

We are very lucky we have an amazing number of entrants. I would say thousands of business enter across of the whole of the wedding industry. But  I am afraid I don’t know how many cake businesses enter out of that. 

And if a cake maker is lucky enough to get through to the next round, what happens then?

They will receive a shortlisted emailed and be able to download a digital badge which they can pop on their website. The next stage is the public vote, this helps takes the bias out of the awards and gets everyone involved. Then in January the public vote closes. The winners are then contacted and announced everywhere. On social media to our collective audience of 400K and various press mediums across the whole of the UK.   So you get a massive amount of exposure. 

Before you go Kat, I would love for you to sum up once more why talented wedding cake makers should enter the fabulous UK Wedding Awards?

The UK Wedding Awards are life changing, when you break down everything that goes into it, it is hugely beneficial for your business. You are not only telling the industry that you exist but if you win the amount of national exposure you will receive is phenomenal. Really you are winning just as soon as you enter. 

So what are you waiting for! Enter the awards today and boost your cake business!

Deadline:  2nd December 2016

Good luck!

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