I am so excited about this conference!

And even more excited that it is happening here in the UK on Monday, 29th April 2019 at the Madejski Stadium in Reading!

A conference surrounded by like minded cakey individuals, learning new skills, improving our businesses and having fun. What more could you ask for!

I caught up with the conference organisers Phil and Christine of Peboryon to find out more about the awesome sounding event. (Psst and if you think they look familiar, then you may have seen them on channel 4’s Extreme Cake Makers)

Hi Phil and Christine, So why organise the conference?

This is something we have been thinking of for a long time. There’s nothing like being with people who get what you do. Not feeling quite so alone in it. It’s like oxygen. Like coming up for air. Problem is, it doesn’t happen often.

This is a rare chance to sit down and talk, face to face with other cakers.  It’s crazy that we haven’t done this before.

There’s another reason, a big one. We want to get better at this business of baking. Actually making it work. As small business owners, we’re continually learning, looking for ways to make our businesses successful whilst not forgetting to keep ourselves fuelled as human beings. The juggle is real. Together we’ll learn better and grow healthier than alone.

This is where this urge to get together came from. Creating a space to breathe, to gather, as business folk. It seems like a pretty great idea all round.

It sounds brilliant and exactly what the cake world needs. What’s going to happen in the day?

Throughout the day there will be moments to connect, great food, plenty of coffee, and free massages to ease those aching cake muscles!

In the morning

We have three expert speakers to help us take our cake businesses to the next level. Each of them will give a brief talk and then run a workshop on their topic:

  • Marketing: Transform your instagram feed – Instagram photography expert Matt Inwood will help us to transform our instagram feed with photography that will really make our creations stand out.
  • Sales: Networking without hating it – Heather White will teach us how to make those vital connections that help grow our business sales.
  • Wellbeing: Cakery without killing yourself! Nutrition expert Emily Fawell will talk about how using nutrition can enable us to be WAY more productive and healthy.


We will have some fantastic food, a chance to talk with other cake makers and time to have your tired shoulder and hands massaged by our massage therapists.

In the afternoon 

  • Interview with Rosalind Miller – Rosalind has built one of the best known cake brands in the UK. We will be interviewing her and asking her about her journey from the kitchen table to where she is today.
  • Industry expert Q&A panel – We have assembled a panel of industry experts to answer questions about the future of the business, how to grow your cake businesses and to inspire us.
  • Speed coaching – the day will wrap up with a chance to have 5 minutes consultation with a cake business expert where you can ask them personally your most burning cake business question.

That you such much for really giving us a flavour of the day. It really does sound like a fantastic conference and I can’t wait to see you there!

If you would like to join myself, Phil, Christine and a host of other lovely cake professionals for an unforgettable day, click here to purchase your ticket or visit The Cake Professionals website for more information.

Pia Cato

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