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The Superwoman Complex

Superwoman Complex Blog

In this day and age we often feel that we have to live a superwoman existence. I can this the superwoman complex.  We are told we can have it all and do it all. Alongside this we feel we have to be the perfect woman. The perfect wife, partner, sister, daughter and mother.  We feel […] Read more…

Planning Your 2017 in 8 Simple Steps

Planning for 2017: Your Guide to cake business success

2018: Updated Business Planning Blog Here (This one is still useful though!) January and February are perfect months for planning the year ahead for your cake business. Generally things are a little quieter which makes it the perfect time to work on your business and plan what you would like to achieve for the forthcoming […] Read more…

Make Your Cake Business Boom

Cake Business Boom E-Course

If you are looking for an affordable option to kickstart your cake business this year. Then Lauren Fraser from the super Knead To Dough has come up with an amazing, easy-to-use, online cake business course. Cake Business Boom Cake Business Boom is the perfect online cake business course for you if: you’re tired of putting […] Read more…