In this day and age we often feel that we have to live a superwoman existence. I can this the superwoman complex.  We are told we can have it all and do it all. Alongside this we feel we have to be the perfect woman. The perfect wife, partner, sister, daughter and mother.  We feel that we should be on the ball at all times. Looking faultless while running our beautiful Pinterest style homes and managing successful businesses. But frequently it means we just take on far too much. We strive to achieve unattainable goals and often set ourselves up to fail.


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Now, I am not saying this happens all the time. But I am sure you can relate to it. I know I certainly can. Especially when balancing your private and business life. As small business owners our two seemly separate lives often are extremely entwined.


I have this battle and have to keep reminding myself that I am not superwoman!  As much as I would love my house to be all ‘pinteresty’, it is not. As much as I would love to look ‘perfect’ every single day, I do not. And as much as I would love to complete every single business goal and task I sent my mind to, sometimes it just doesn’t happen.


Why doesn’t it happen?


Because a) I am a normal woman balancing life and work, and b) sometimes I set myself goals that are just far too big for me to manage.


Being a woman and an entrepreneur is a super achievement in itself. But sometimes us lot overreach even more than the average woman when it comes to goals and striving for perfection. When we hit our goals it is fantastic. But a lot of the time we unintentionally set ourselves up to fail.  Does that sound familiar?


Superwoman complex


If it does I recommend taking a deep breath and following these simple tips. And yes I have to remind myself of these on a regular basis.

  • When setting a business goal break it down into manageable chunks.
  • Then break that goal down further.
  • Then even further.
  • And maybe even further again.

It is a simple process but by doing this you will end up with little bite size pieces of the puzzle that when completed guarantee the goal is achieved. Boom!


Figuring Out Your Time


While doing this it is also important that we recognise that there are only so many hours in a day. Breaking down goals and tasks in little bite size pieces suddenly makes what we want to achieve really easy. The pressure is suddenly off and the goal/task doesn’t seem so daunting.


Superwoman complex - make money with cakes


Think about it. We each have 8,760 hours in a year, 730 hours in a month, 168 hours in a week and 24 hours in a day.  How we manage those hours is up to us. But if we are trying to be superwoman, we often feel we have 10x the amount of hours available to us.


The fact is we don’t. Harsh but true.


Quick exercise:

  • Think about the hours you have in your life.
  • Take an average week and work out how many hours it takes to do things like housework, laundry/ironing, school runs, food shopping, cooking/eating.
  • Then add in the number of hours you spend socialising, resting, me time, date nights, sleeping, part-time job, hobbies, etc.
  • Next look at your work life and figure out how many hours you have to run and manage your cake business.
  • Have you found any gaps of time?

This exercise can often shock us into realising how few hours we actually have spare.

So when you then plonk a massive goal into the mix and then expert to have it completed in x amount of time, can you now see why it doesn’t work.  I repeat again, we are not superwoman!

I wrote this post because I want to share how we are all normal and all pretty much in the same boat.  

Set life and business goals but set manageable goals. By achieving one little goal when you have time in your schedule. Either everyday or every week will amount to 52 or 365 goals per year. And that my fellow female entrepreneurs is a massive achievement.

So while we may not be a superwoman who can do things in an ultra quick flash. We are all superheroes in our own right (cheesy I know). Everyday, we balance life, health, children, parents, partners, homes, businesses and more. But you know what, sometimes we just need to ease up a bit, break things down and pace ourselves.


Set yourself up to win 😀



Pia Cato

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