I simply had to share this cake from one of my past clients, Dee of Sweet Dee’s Bakery in Cheltenham.

Sweet Dee's Bakery

Dee approached me back in May 2015 and we worked with each over for 6 months.  Dee has the talent but was unsure about how to go about turning it into a viable business. During the time I worked with Dee I witnessed her launch her business and watched her confidence within herself grow dramatically.

When I think back to where my own cake business was 6 months after launched, I can safely say that Dee is leaps and bounds ahead of where I was. Because she has created a pricing strategy that will give her a profit from the onset and that can grow as her business grows, she has also developed the right mindset and the confidence that she can create fantastic cakes that people want to purchase.

A lovely testimonial from Dee (proud moment for me!):

“The day I met Pia was the first day I really believed my long-standing daydream could actually be a reality. While very professional she takes a friendly and relaxed approach and I feel she wants me to succeed just as much as I do and i can now think of her as a friend.  Her help, encouragement and guidance over the last months has been invaluable to me and I honestly believe, if I had tried it alone, i would have given up on it a long time ago.  I have learned a lot, there’s definitely more to the business side of things than I had realised and what I have achieved in the last six months I would have expected to take me a few years. My business has launched and I now have the confidence to charge right and not burn myself out. Thank you Pia, I couldn’t have done it without you, Highly recommended!”

Pop along to Dee’s Facebook page and show your support.

Pia x

Pia Cato

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