is what the home and small cake industry has needed for a very long time. An easy to use digital platform that is designed to make most of the backend of running a cake business easy and straightforward.

The other week, I signed up for a free 14 day trial and took it for a test run. I signed up for the Business Plan priced at £11.99 per month (£119.99 per year)

Normally, I use Google Chrome to surf the web but for some wouldn’t work even though I had the latest google addition and the Baking It website told me it was compatible. This made me sad but I decided to try it using Mac Safari and it worked perfectly. 

So my test run was based on me using it on Safari. Homepage


Setting Up

As soon as you login there is a helpful step-by-step process which guides you through entering your personal and business details. You can override this but it is easier to follow this guide.

Like anything the initial set up process will take some time, especially if you have never worked out your costings before. I would think it could take anywhere between 30 minutes  – 3 hours plus!

As I already use another costing method I have this information on hand and was able to pop it into the software easily. It gives you space to add all your cake recipes but as I was only taking it for a test run, I decided to keep it simple and just enter a Victoria Sponge recipe. When I looked at the costings on my current pricing spreadsheet and the one the software provides I was very happy to report they came out at exactly the same price. Happy days. – The Walking Through The Actual Software

I first discovered through their awesome Cake Calculator a couple of years ago, it has really helped me calculate the correct serving sizes and fondant quantities for my cake business. As they have evolved they have added more calculators to the mix and now have a  very comprehensive list which I have detailed below. The only thing I would say that this function isn’t that clear, to get to this section you need to click on a Calculator button but honestly it just looks like a pretty graphic so it took me a while to find where I could use these cool calculators.

Cake Calculator

Cake Canvas

Fondant calculator

Ribbon calculator

Ingredients unit convertor

Recipe tin convertor

Icing calculator

Cake flavour picker




This tab is where all your inventory, expenses and shopping lists are housed. They have sections for ingredients, edible supplies, non-edible supplies and equipment which are then filtered into kitchen expenses and shopping lists. It is a really useful function and will certainly help you keep an eye on what you need for each cake and what your outlay is. 



This is hub for all your cake, cupcakes, macarons, cookies and other recipes.  This section is great because it will convert and scale recipes into imperial, metric, AUS, US and CA cups. It is a super place to digitally store and manage all your recipes.  



The Bakery section is where you can “accurately cost and manage your bakes” (in their words). Where you can view all your customers orders, decorations, the types of cupcakes, cake pops, macarons, etc. It is basically your bakery’s order book and you can even send customers quotes directly from this part! My Bakery


3D Cakes

This tab houses all your 3D sketches. The 3D sketcher is fabulous idea however, but I found this slightly hard to use on my laptop. It was easier on my iPad as I have a stylus pen thing. But I ended printing the shape of the cake and then hand drawing my ideas onto it, which i would then have to scan back into my computer and send to my client.  However, I know fabulous BakingIt team are constantly developing the software so I know this will be improved. It is just a case of when.


In order to create a quote they encourage you to use the 3D sketcher. As I said above it is rather nifty.

In this section, however, they don’t just give you place to design your cake but space for it all to come together in terms of paperwork. So they give you:

  • Slicing Guide for the cake you have created (great for printing out and handing to customers).
  • Recipe list for each tier. This is really great as it gives qualities as well which will make the ingredients ordering process so much quicker.
  • Supplies and Decorations list with what you need to purchase and how much it will be.
  • A tab for labour costs
  • Then an overall summery section which breaks down the cake further (see below).

The only thing they don’t have in this process which I feel they need is a space to add a profit margin. However, it is an excellent starting point but for a business to grow it really needs to add a profit. Breakdown of costs


Business section

This section is all about managing and organising your contacts, orders, tasks and expenses as well as helping you keep an eye on your business income and business insights.

You can create quotes in this section as well. It is a lovely, simple and straightforward process. If you were holding a cake consultation it literally guides you through everything you would ever need to ask your customer. From the type of occasion, their florists details and of course the customers details. However, you would have needed to design the cake in the Cake Sketcher before you can go onto the next section of the quote process. The next section is all about delivery/collection and payment.  Again it is easy and makes you obtain all the information you need for the order, such as venue address,  delivery and set up costs, any notes you wish to add, profit percentage, taxes and any discounts you may wish to add. Plus you can also click a button to add your Terms and Conditions. Once you had entered all those details you have a brilliantly detailed quote to email to your customers. 

Also in the Quotes and Orders section is gives you status updates which I think is fabulous. So you can choose to say the quote was accepted (or cancelled), then you can move on to say the balance needs to be paid, then full payment has been received and finally full order completed.


I love, love, love this part of the Business Section as it gives you a deeper understanding into your business and will totally help you manage your business. It will give you a snap shot of how many orders you have completed, profit made, money in, money out, hours worked and any outstanding orders you may have. 


My Thoughts

I really think this is a fantastic software solution for the small and home business cake market. It really is a one stop shop!

I would whole heartedly recommend this software to cake businesses that are first starting out or don’t have solid business processes in place that will allow they to manage their businesses successful. for me is a real game changer in this industry and it is only going to keep on improving.


Pros of

  • Easy and straightforward to use
  • Clear selections (kitchen, recipes, bakery, sketches, business, insights).
  • Can work on ipad, desktop and laptop
  • Sketching the cake
  • Three different pricing plans and services
  • Works in your local currency
  • Allows you to gain awesome business insights
  • Brilliant email support from the fabulous team

Cons of

  • No profit at at the 3D Cakes and Sketches phase.
  • No way of including consultation, delivery and set up costs to be within the actual cake price. Currently they are all priced separately so that the customer can see. 

Do You Need Cake Business Help

If you are looking for a little more help with your cake business then I would love to hear from you. The best way is to get in touch via email and then we can arrange a to have a short chat over the phone.

Pia Cato

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