The other day I wrote a blog about The Superwoman Complex. Today, I thought I would share my journey in Pia’s Cake Business Journey: Superwoman Complex. At a guess I would say most of us women suffer from this in some form or another. We feel that we have to have it all now, do it all now and the be the ultimate perfect women now. That is huge amount of pressure that we put on ourselves!


Pia's Cake Business Journey: Superwoman Complex


It may sound a bit strange, but I actually think we can have it all. We just need to take a step back and pace ourselves. If we set a goal to have it all NOW, we are simply setting ourselves up to fail. If we set a goal to have it all in xx amount of time, then quite possibly we will achieve it.


Pia’s Cake Business Journey: Superwoman Complex


I still struggle with the superwoman complex. For instance in February I set myself up to fail from the onset. I was on high because I had completed my set business goals for January and rewarded myself by booking a holiday (woohoo).


I had planned my quarter one business goals at the beginning of January when I do my overall business planning.  So I knew that come February my business goal was to batch write 12 articles for the various blogs I write for. As well as record 6 of them and upload to YouTube.


What I neglected to do was actually look at my diary and see what I had schedule in for the forthcoming month. If I had done this I would have reassessed how many blogs I could actually write!


As the 1st February arrived (my birthday 😀). I had unintentionally set myself up to lose. My February diary was looking extremely busy. I had a week scheduled off, as well as trade fairs, client meetings, client work and admin. Quite when I was going to work on the business I don’t know!


I had done what a lot of us do, I thought I was superwoman, and had 10x more hours in day than was actually possible.  Sound familiar!


As the last day of February came and went. I felt really down that I had not achieved my set business goals for the month. I really beat myself up about it and wrote in big black letters across my calendar “Goal not met 🙁 “. Which actually made me feel worse. I don’t recommend doing that!


Turning it around


At the beginning of each month I reflect on what went wrong and what I achieved throughout the previous month. I honestly thought that February had been a total waste and that I hadn’t achieved anything. However, as I began writing I started to realise I had far more successes than I had first thought. I listed everything that I had done and had made me happy over the month. 

I highly recommending doing this. It is a great way to review your business and life and like me you will probably find you have achieved WAY more than you think you have.

This turned my thinking around and I felt my mindset begin to shift. I began to look forward to the next month. By focusing on the negative aspect of the February, the only person I was hurting was myself. 

Lesson Learnt


It did however, teach me a very valid lesson.  Set goals that I can easily win. As I am not superwoman I don’t have 100 hours in a day. It is therefore, vitally important that I check my calendar at the start of each new month. Then make adjustments to that month goals if necessary.


Learning from this lesson, I have made March 2017 my “Batching Writing Blog” month.  I have reviewed my calendar and worked out that I have 4 hours that I can dedicate to this task.  My new goal: to write and upload 3 blog posts.  

If/when I achieve this goal I will reward myself with this lovely silver photo frame from the white company. (As a side note at the beginning of this year I decided I wanted to upgrade all of my photo frames to these lovely silver ones. So far I have two 😀 and I absolutely love them.)
So here is to writing 3 blog posts this month!

Pia Cato

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