Back in 2017 I held several masterclasses, i have plans to hold more, but for now my time is spent helping my mentoring clients and growing my own cake business.

These old classes still have a lot of value in them, so do check them out, especially the Pricing one. It is a formula that I still use to this day.

If you would like to join the wait list for private 1-2-1 mentoring just send me an email here.

Masterclasses: Plan Your 2017

What Does Your 2017 Look Like plus Q&A Masterclass

Business planning help for your year ahead. In this masterclass I cover how to create an easy business plan to really get you on track for 2017. Followed by a short question and answer session.

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Masterclasses: Pricing! How to price your cakes for profit

Pricing! How To Price Your Cakes For Success

Pricing is a such a huge issue within the cake making community and something that is not openly discussed. I had a bumpy issue with this challenge myself. In this masterclass I will show you how you can price your cakes for profit using my easy to use 7 Step Pricing Formula. I use this exact formula in my own cake business and I went from zero profit to earning a heathy 5 figure income.

Click here to watch the session  or click here to read the Pricing Blog.

Masterclasses: Balancing life/work and cake businessBalancing Life/Work and Cake Business plus Q&A Masterclass

Creating a work life balance can often be a huge struggle. In this masterclass I will share with you my top tips for creating harmony in your life.  Plus I will answer some of your burning cake business questions.

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Masterclasses: How to attract your perfect customer

How To Attract Your Perfect Customer Masterclass

Where are my customers can be a question we all ask. You have a super talent, a business, but you are lacking customers. In this masterclass I talk about the basics you need to do in order to attract your perfect customer.

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