If you are are a bespoke cake designer and you are not on Pinterest you are really missing out.

Pinterest is fast becoming one of my favourite social media tools for bringing in new clients. It is a great free tool to help promote your business. It is not as loud and instant as some of the other social media tools but sits quietly in the background building website back links, promoting your business and is super fun.

 How To Make Pinterest Work For Your Cake Business


What Is The Deal With Pinterest?

Pinterest is simply the “World’s Catalogue of Ideas” (yep I found that statement on their website, it started back in 2010 and how boasts over 175m users and shares 100b ideas! 

I have been using Pinterest for a while (I can’t remember the exact year I joined) and knew it was a great tool, a lot of my cake clients comes through it. But I didn’t realise just how effective the platform was until I really started monitoring my google analytics. I have watched it rise up the ranks and now almost half of my social media traffic come from Pinterest

This is a snapshot of the Pinterest social media website visitor traffic over the past 6 months. It has bought in 48% of my social media visitors. Even though I don’t have that many followers (under 200), it is a very effective medium for winning new clients. The next job for me is to look at how I can increase the social traffic further but I’ll leave that one for another day!

Vanilla Pod Bakery Google Analytics


So can you see the benefits of using Pinterest for your business, if you can and you want to join the Pinterest revolution,  I have put together a brief little guide below.


Your Brief Guide To Getting Started On Pinterest

First off you need to create a Pinterest account. You do this by sign up with your email,  address, Facebook or a Google account.

Login to pinterest

Once you are logged in it is time to populate your account. When you first login Pinterest will guide you step by step. But if you override this you will  to need to go to My Profile and start creating some boards.

My Profile on Pinterest


You can fill in your profile description and add a photo. You will also want to use Pinterest as a business. They should ask if you want to do this when you sign up. Click yes.

After completing your profile, it is time to create some boards. Now you can add as many boards as you would like. Think about what your customer would like to see. For my cake business, it is all about weddings so I have boards showcasing the wedding cakes we create, as well as boards offering inspiration to potential brides. I have boards for wedding dresses, honeymoons, bridesmaids, engagement rings, music, boards for different colour themes and more.

Vanilla Pod Bakery Pinterest Board


Now here comes the most important step that you have to do in order to turn Pinterest into a social media platform that looks nice into something that brings in paying clients.

Upload your own unique photos of your cake (I have also taken to branding my cakes now as well – more on that in this blog) and add your website address.

That is it. 

That is the essential part of making Pinterest work for you.

Edit your pin


It is very simple but Pinterest doesn’t make this an part easy.

Uploading is straight forward but once uploaded you need to view the image and click the pen in the left had corner. This will bring up the editing box (above) and you will then need to add a description. Include a few hashtags. Then you will need to add the url to your website (or Facebook page if you don’t have a website). You will need to add the http:// or https:// as well. Then click save and you are done!

Now It’s Your Turn!

Let me know if you add your cake business to Pinterest and I will follow you. Good luck with Pinterest and I would love to know how you get on.

Pia Cato

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