To celebrate International Women’s Day 2017 I have asked some of the fabulous Make Money With Cakes community to share snaps of themselves and which amazing females they admire.

International Women's Day

Celebrating Women

Jo Wright - Secret Cinderella Cakes - International Women's Day 2017

Jo Wright – Secret Cinderella Cakes

Here i am with my gorgeous pet rainbow that follows me around my kitchen & holds all my lovely tools!  It was quite an important pic for me cos it symbolised a change from ‘just getting by’ to being organised & determined to make my business work. I LOVE Katherine Sabbath’s work & Fondant Fox. So many cake designers that I admire but those are the first two who come to mind.
I love being a female cake designer because I’m independent, I can be creative, I can bring joy to people just by baking…. but most of all I see it as a HUGE privilege to live somewhere that respects my rights & allows me to set up my own business doing something I love.



Dee Lewis - Sweet Dee's Bakery - International Women's Day 2017


Dee Lewis – Sweet Dee’s Bakery

All pics of me are too gross for the public eye!! But i can tell you who i admire. I don’t really know anything about any ladies to give you an inspiring story, but i do admire you Pia, I don’t think 5 yrs is that long to have gotten where you are today, as far as i can tell you are the top wedding cake maker in our town and probably a lot further, nothing gets you down, u always persevere and put in 100%, even with your ME/CFS you work 10 times harder than I probably ever have in my life. I don’t know how you do it i really don’t. You are my inspiration to keep going and hopefully now many more ladies too. You probably can’t use this as it might look like your bigging yourself up but at least everyone reading this will know how great u are ^_^



Sue Burton - HomebakedGiftCompnay

Sue Burton – Homebaked Gift Company

I admire ALL successful women in the workplace actually ALL women full stop as we are mums, wives, daughters, friends and are able to juggle all these at once.  If I was to pick one or two women though the first would be Our Queen – look at what she is still achieving in her 90’s when most of us will be at home in our slippers.  Secondly I would like to highlight Karren Brady for what she is doing for ‘us women’ out there but also because I love her blogs each month in Woman & Home magazine. I do wonder how she fits it all in though.  I have always had the attitude of ‘Work to Live’ rather than the other way around and that is why I set up so that mums like myself can still do something they love, from home but achieve a great work life balance.

Pia Cato - The Vanilla Pod Bakery - International Women's Day 2017

Pia Cato – The Vanilla Pod Bakery

I thought I would share who I admire as well. Gosh where to begin! I really, really admire all the women in Make Money With Cakes community. You guys are amazing you have taken the leap of faith to research, start and grow your own cake business. I love how different you all are but all have a common theme of determination and talent.  I also really admire Denise Duffield-Thomas. She has been my inspiration for the past couple of years. I love how she has achieved her success. She went from being broke, to starting a business from scratch to becoming a multi millionaire. All the while staying true to her self, the community and raising a gorgeous family.

Pia Cato

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