A quick and easy video hack on how to cut a cake into cute finger portions.

Often when I tell my wedding cake clients that my business bases its cake servings on finger portions or dessert portions they cannot comprehend.  Luckily I stumbled across this video, and until I create my own, this super quick video by Katherine Sabbath is an ideal demonstration how to cut a cake and what finger portion actually looks like.

I follow Katherine Sabbath on Instagram and think she is an awesome cake artist. The pioneer of the current drip trend and just has a super quirky style that pops!

How to cut a cake video

This cake cutting video has attracted over 1,472,280 views to date! Talk about viral!


Cake Portion Sizes

In the catering world celebration and wedding cakes tend to be cut in a grid and not wedges (like you would at home). The grid method aways gives way more portions, and controlled portions at that.

The most common sizes tend to be finger portions or dessert portions.

Finger portions are normally around 1″x1″x4″ and dessert size portions are normally around 1″x2″x4″. However, as you are the baker you can recommend sizes way bigger or smaller than these. The online baking software Bakingit is great for working out portion sizes.

(Read my Bakingit review here)

How to Cut A Cake!

Let know in the comments below if you find it a useful little video and how you portion your cakes.

Pia Cato

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