Part one of how I went about hiring a graphic designer from People Per Hour to design a wedding cake brochure for my cake business.

Hiring a graphic designer Pia Cato Make Money With Cakes

How it Started

The last week I went to a SEO and PR workshop in Wiltshire aimed at the wedding industry and organised by Natalie Lovett from the WhiteWed Directory.

It was a brilliant half day event and I came away with a whole list of things that I now want to put into action for my wedding cake business.

The first thing on my list was look at my marketing material and how I deal with enquiries. Natalie has suggested pulling together a detailed PDF brochure which could be sent to prospective clients, wedding planners and venues.

I thought this was a great idea.

Years ago I had something similar, a little information pack that I took it to wedding shows but as my business grew I never updated it, therefore I simply forgot about it and stopped using it. But I think 2017 is the time to redo the Vanilla Pod Bakery brochure and design something in keeping with business for the next chapter in it’s life.


Do You Really Need a Brochure?

Now, you could argue that we don’t need brochures after all isn’t that what websites are for. Well yes and no . A website is a shop window but somethings it is nice to have something a little extra. Something the potential customer can download and keep, something that keeps a little more tangible and of course something that you could potentially print.

With that in mind I set about exploring how to create a brochure.  I have basic graphic design skills and could probably ‘knock’ something up myself but every year I am move my wedding cake business up a level and this time I felt that I should employ a graphic designer to help.


Hiring a Graphic Designer

So I turned to People Per Hour. A website where freelancers from all over the world hang out looking or bidding for work.  I have used it before when launching Make Money With Cakes and had a positive experience, so I thought I would try it for the Vanilla Pod Bakery.

On Saturday morning I logged into my profile, created an advert explaining what I wanted, added an approx. budget (£60) and hit post.



This is what I wrote:
I need a wedding cake brochure designed!

Information for the business: We are a luxury wedding cake bakery based in Cheltenham Gloucestershire.

Industry: Lifestyle/Travel

Design details: I would like a beautiful A4 brochure designed for my luxury wedding cake business. I have yet to write the copy so will potentially be looking for a copywriter as well.

The brochure is to be luxe, romantic, feminine, elegant and relaxed. As cakes are very visual, it would need to be heavily image ordinated in order to showcase our work (we have lots of wedding cake images). The brochure would also need to include space to explain who we are and how we work, cake options (flavours, prices, etc.), the customer journey (what happens and when) and contact details. Though, I am flexible with this and would love to hear your thoughts as well.

This brochure will need to be printed as well as available for a PDF download.

A little bit about our target audience
Our brides (and grooms) tend to be age between 25-35, ABC1, high disposable income, planning beautiful, elegant and relaxed weddings, marrying in and around the Cotswolds, they are aspirational, and use social media (particularly pinterest and instagram).

Target audience: See above

Number of pages needed: 8-12

Content on the front/back side and body: Title, Photos, Logo, how we can help, the process, prices, flavours, booking, save the date, about us, End picture.

Ideas for the visual style: Romantic, luxury, elegant, classic, luxe, understated

Things to avoid: bright colours

Preferred colours: muted tones, pinks, whites, greens, and navy blue.

Then I attached a picture of this graphic I designed to showcase my style:


Pia Cato Make Money With Cake Vanilla Pod Bakery

Reviewing the Bids

24 hours later when I went to check my account I had 18 proposals! Fantastic I thought this has got off to a flying start. Now for the tricky bit, to go through them all.

The responses varied greatly and I soon realised the type of graphic designer I was looking for;

  • Someone who sent me a personalised greeting,
  • Didn’t use to many corporate terms and images,
  • Took the time to answer my questions
  • A designer who got excited about the brief.

Anyone who didn’t match that criteria got declined.

This process left me with four potentials of varying price ranges £65.00 – £720.00. As much as I would like to spend big bucks, and completely appreciate the time and effort that is required to creating a stunning design, I am not at that stage in my business life to commit to paying that much (fingers crossed I will be in a few years though!).



Notice how similar it is to a cake maker’s life, this is how a lot of our cake clients would approach the commission of a cake. Get quotes, review, look at budget, review, decline, choose.  Then add in a mix of all the emotions that go with it, nerve wracking yet exciting.  Plus the endless questions that will swirl through their minds, how do I know they are good enough, will I like the finished product, can I trust them, will they deliver,  am I spending the right amount, should I spend more, should I spend less!  So many questions and feelings go into choosing something that is bespoke when you know nothing about the industry or the person you are considering hiring. It has made me realise how even more value this brochure will be when it comes to answering some of those about questions and reassuring potential clients.


Anyway back to finding a graphic designer. So I whittled it down again and was left with two candidates.

Both stood out for different reason and I decided to email them. Just in order to get to know them a little better, see if anything stands out from the communication and to have a feel if they really are the right fit.

What Happened Next

What this space!
Pia Cato

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