On Thursday, I was invited into the BBC Gloucestershire radio studio to spend the morning with the breakfast show team and judge their Great British Bake Off inspired iced buns! The best way to start the morning is with fresh cream cakes – yum!

Pia at BBC Gloucestershire

Throughout the morning I chatted with host Mark Cummings about how running the The Vanilla Pod Bakery for the past six and a half years has inspired me to launch Make Money With Cakes.  We also discussed the Great British Bake Off and how fantastic it is that the British public have such a passion for the show and for baking in general.

At the end of the programme Mark asked me what are my key points are for running a successful cake business. While I can think of loads the ones that came straight into my head were:

Pricing – If you can’t price your cakes to make a profit, you can’t create a sustainable business.

Publicity – You have to get your product ‘out there’ show your community that you exist.

Ideal Customer – If you haven’t realised who you ideal customer is, you will be baking for everyone and their dog!

Talent – You need to have a talent to create cakes that not only look good but taste delicious as well.

Do you agree with these points? What would you add? Feel free to comment below.

To catch the programme for the next 24 days click here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p03353d3

Best wishes,

Pia x

Pia Cato

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