I have blogged about this topic before but I have recently experienced it from another angle. And it made me realise fear blocks crop up all the time. Sometimes they are genuine warnings, like if you’re being attacked by a lion. That would genuinely be scary! But other times fear can just crop up for no reason at all.


This is what happened to me. I have been wanting to create a online membership club exclusively for cake business owners since before I launched Make Money With Cakes last year. Think Netflix type of plan but for actionable cake business advice. But for some reason I’d been procrastinating on starting this project for the past 6 months. I have researched deeply into what platform to use, the type of content I want to include and how I want the club to run. But when it came to actually getting started and working on it. Nada.

Every time I sat down with my laptop to work on it I would find something else to do. Something important. But something else nonetheless.

So what was stopping me.

Every two weeks I see a life/business coach (I honestly don’t know what I would do without her) and this week I bought up the subject about the membership club and how nothing was moving forward.

Breakthrough! My coach ask me how I felt about it. I said I felt excited but something was stopping me. Even that in itself was a revelation. How many times do you ask yourself how you feel about a certain subject! Never? Well I am going to ask you now. How do you feel about your business or your life? We then went through some awesome visualisation techniques and by the end of an emotional 30 minutes and I had uncovered the truth.

Subconsciously afraid

The real reason I hadn’t been able to move forward was because subconsciously I was afraid. Very afraid. I was afraid of creating the content. Heck, I know how to teach and advise in person but teaching you lovely cake makers through an online platform is a whole new ball game. I was afraid of being judged and putting myself out there. I was fearful of you guys not liking it and it not being of value to you.  I was afraid of the unknown. I was afraid of truly following my goals. And what if I didn’t deserve this?

These are all fearful thoughts and rather than doing me any good. They just sabotaged my progress and kept me in the same safe place. Quite often we don’t even realise that we are thinking like that. But once I had uncovered these thoughts. Whoosh! I felt such a relief. I was able to let go of these fearful detrimental thinking patterns and start working on moving business forward again. Literally as soon as I got home I started working on the content for the membership club. I am so excited and very happy to say that I am on a roll. I have even committed to launching the BETA/Test phase in September.  Join the Make Money With Cakes newsletter to be the first to hear about it.

Are you feeling like this?

So if you are feeling the fear like this. Recognise that it is perfectly normal and we all feel like this from time to time. New blocks will always appear. But the secret is to identify them and release them so that you can move forward whether it is with your life or with your business venture. So I am going to ask you again. How do you feel about your business/life? What fearful thoughts are you going to let go of now?

Let me know in the comments box below.

Happy baking.

Pia Cato

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