Do you brand your cake images with your cake business logo or cake business details?

It is one of those things we should all really be doing. But it is also one of those things that is very easy to put off. Namely because it is finding the right software that works for us.

I have tried various methods in the past. Photoshoot, random apps downloaded to my phone and even Microsoft word. All of these had one thing in common they didn’t gel with me. So I stopped branding my images and missed out on a huge marketing opportunity.

While doing some social media graphic design for a client back in May 2017 it suddenly hit me to use the tool I loved and start branding my own cake images! I have no idea why it took me so long to figure it out! But hey, it did!

I now brand all Vanilla Pod Bakery cake images using the amazing Canva. I schedule time once a month to brand all cake images from that month. Then schedule them to go out on social media. This has really helped me create a tighter branded social media look.


Branding cake images
Branded using

Awesome Tools To Brand Cake Images

As pointed out above there are many tools to use but the top three I recommend are:


I like things to be simple and discovered Canva when I first set up Make Money With Cakes in 2015. I needed a graphic design platform that was easy to use and most importantly low cost. For the most part you can use Canva for free but I pay for a small monthly subscription as I love it and I use it all the time for my own businesses as well as client work. 

Canva has changed the way I view graphic design. It used to be some mystical thing that I really wanted to do but just found the tools on offer over complicated. I used to use Adobe Suite (photoshop, illustrator, etc) and it used to take me a billion years to design anything as I always forgot how to use the software! But once I found Canva I was hooked.

I highly recommend Canva is you want to create stylish modern graphics. Though if you have never used a graphic design software before it may be a bit tricky but they have super tutorials.  If you don’t want to do it yourself have a look at the Social Media Graphic Design Packages I offer.


Word Swag 

This is only available on mobile but it is a nifty little app. If I want to create a graphic on the go, this is my favourite app. I can use one of their stock images or upload my own. I can then brand it with my logo and also add my website address.  You can then simply upload it straight to a social media platform and easily promote your business.



This is another great tool. Though more of an online photo editing piece of software but you can still use it to brand your cake images.  Unfortunately, you can’t use this for free any more but they only charge a low cost rate of between £4.50-£9.50 per month.

3 awesome tools to brand your cake images


I hope you have found this useful and happy branding!

Pia Cato

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