There are a number of web based platforms and tools to help cake business owners manage their business but which ones are best for you?  Today we look at craftybased and I leave you in the capable hands of Nicole, who explains exactly how Craftybase could help you.

What is Craftybase

Craftybase is a web-based inventory and bookkeeping package designed specifically for handmade sellers. For cake makers who want to finally get control over their inventory and costs, it’s an absolute essential.

The Software

Our software allows you to create recipes containing your exact ingredients. Using this information we will show you your current EXACT costs of producing your cake, along with your estimated profit.  This means you will always have the information and confidence to set your prices to best maximise your profit margins.

As we are “perpetual inventory” software, any changes to your ingredient costs are instantly factored in as you add more information.  If your cost of sugar changes, we’ll update your estimated costs and recommended pricing so that you can make instant decisions on your pricing.



Raw Materials

Your full raw material inventory can be completely tracked within Craftybase – we call these “materials”. For a cake maker this generally means things like flour, sugar, eggs and butter. Tracking your usage of ingredients and to-the-minute shelf stock levels means you are always in full control of your stock ordering schedule and can ensure you have the ingredients on hand you need to produce your orders.



You can create projects to handle the different cakes that you make and thus have a complete picture on your sales and manufacture history for each: you’ll now know for certain what your popular products are, when they are popular and most importantly how much in profit you are making from them.



We also have a feature called Components that is really popular with bakers and cake makers. This allows for batches of sub-materials to be produced and tracked within the system. For cake makers, a component typically made is “Buttercream” where you would typically make up a batch of this for use on a number of different cakes. In Craftybase, you can manufacture your Buttercream from the raw ingredients as a separate process then apply this newly created ingredient to your cake recipes with the fully calculated price (try doing that in excel!). This powerful process gives you a huge amount of flexibility and tracking accuracy to your cake production workflow.


Unit Conversion

Another really handy Craftybase tool for cake makers is our measurement unit conversions. Perfect for instance, when you purchase flour in pounds but measure your recipes in cups. Craftybase will automatically convert your purchases into the unit you want to track into instantly whenever you add in a new material purchase. We also support ANY conversion between units. So if you want one of your tracking measurements to be based on your grandmother’s old teacup, Craftybase can definitely accommodate this!



As a cake maker, we are aware that your time is hugely important to the success of your business. Craftybase’s order features include integration with Etsy, Shopify, WooCommerce, PayPal and Square so that you can minimise on your data entry. You can see all of your orders at a glance by order date, due date and manufacture date from any of your sales channels.  Including offline market stall sales and consignment locations. Best of all, we also automatically calculate the figures you need for COGS (cost of goods sold). Your inventory valuation for end of year is constantly calculated and is ready for your bookkeeper at a touch of a button.


Special Offer

We have a 14 day trial available that allows you to see all of our features in action, so please feel free to sign up for a trial and give us a try!

Want to look at more online tools to help grow your business, take a look at my Baking It review. 

Pia Cato

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