Social Media: Why Is It So Confusing!

Why is social media so confusing

The other day I was travelling down to London with two female friends,  who both run their own businesses, and the topic of social media came up. It was quite an in depth discussion.  One questioning the point of it and the other saying you must be on everything but both agreeing it was so […] Read more…

Where Are My Customers!

Books and coffee cup

Have you ever sat there and thought, “where are my customers?”, well you’re not alone. I remember being in that exact same situation when I first started my cake business, The Vanilla Pod Bakery, almost 7 years ago, and one thing that I recall the most is the feeling of pure frustration. (Ahhh!) All I wanted to do was create delicious cakes […] Read more…

Black Friday

Black Friday

In recent years Black Friday has taken the UK by storm and an estimated £810 million was spent last year – more than double the year before! If you splashed your cash in 2014 you will know all about website crashes and people fighting in the aisles to get the best deals. This day has […] Read more…