There are so many wonderful small cake businesses out there and all different stages of their business journey. From now on I am going to try and feature at least one wonderful cake business owner per month. This month I met up with the lovely Liz Fox from BuBakes whose customers describe her business as inventive, enthusiastic, detailed, imaginative and genuine.
Liz Fox - BuBake
Hi Liz, so how and why did you get into wonderful cake business world?

I actually fell into it by accident. I had a mental health breakdown in April 2014 and unfortunately was so bad that I was trapped at home and had to leave my job at the time. One day realised that decorating a cake had really helped with the symptoms of my anxiety, and so I continued to do so – through this BuBakes was born!

What do you love most about the work you do?

I love that it is a form of daily therapy for me, and I love that it gives me a mainstream platform to use to promote my writing about mental health. I also love that whenever I present someone with a cake they get such joy from something I have made.

Liz Fox - BuBake

What type of cakes do you specialise in?

 I specialise in bespoke cakes, so I can cater for any occasion – but my best work comes out when I am given a theme or subject and I am able to work with fondant to create details which make the cake extra special and personal.

What has been your greatest business achievement?

Cake wise I have loved seeing my work in print – I have seen it in Wedding Ideas Magazine and Cake Decorating Heaven. I also had Michel Rouz Jnr (favourably) critique one of my cakes. Blogging wise, Stephen Fry endorsed one of my blogs about anxiety; this was a huge accomplishment and gave me the confidence to start writing the book I am currently working on.

Liz Fox - BuBake

What have you found most challenging about running a small business?

 Definitely managing expectations. It’s wonderful that people can see the potential that can come with designing a bespoke cake, and I think that many of the tv shows such as Ace of Cakes have contributed to this. However, I think sometimes people underestimate just how much time, dedication and skill can go into designing and decorating a cake.

Who is your favourite cake maker?

This is so hard as I love to study the work of so many cakey people, and I am inspired by different aspects of them all. If forced to pick one I think it would be Lauri from Cake Alchemy in New York (Often seen on Amazing Wedding Cakes tv show). She is edgy, daring, and always seems to want to try new techniques or finishes – Plus she “gets” the importance of the details, which is at the core of what I strive for.

Liz Fox - BuBake

What advice would you give to a new cake business owner who is just starting out?

 Don’t undersell yourself. What you have is a skill and you deserve to be paid for it.

Liz Fox - BuBakeIt has been lovely to have you and find out about BuBakes, but before you go is there anything else you would like to mention?

I am also incredibly proud to be a co-conspirator with the Depressed Cake Shop, and I have lots of plans to bring more pop up shops to England in order to raise awareness off mental health through power grey cakes.   If anyone would like any more information on this, I’d love to hear from them.


Liz Fox - BuBake

Want to find out more about the Depressed Cake Shop or join Liz on her journey, get in touch:

Best wishes,

Pia Cato

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