Cake Business Mentor Pia Cato

Cake Business

I am so glad you are ready to build your cake business.  

Running and owning a cake business is just a fantastic business to have. However, like all businesses it takes time, effort and passion to reap the returns.

You Can Make A Living

It is perfectly possible to make a wonderful living creating and selling cakes from your kitchen table. And building a profitable cake business is lot easier than you may think. You just need to lay the right foundations. 

Imaging having a business that you own completely. Where you do not working for anyone else. Where you are sure that each month you can bring in a steady income. Imagine owning a cake business that will allow you to treat your treat your loved ones, treat yourself, pay the mortgage, school fees, or holidays.  Imagining paying for that with income you have earn’t from selling your beautiful cakes.

How would it make you feel?

I can tell you from personal experience it feels amazing to know that my income is produced by my efforts. My efforts in creating beautiful cakes, marketing, selling, finance and more.  It is a very empowered feeling.  

For nearly 8 years I have been running my business and over the years I have identified that all businesses so through a series of levels. Some go through these levels quicker than others but on the whole most follow the pattern below.


The Different Levels of a Cake Business


In the beginning

Level 1 – The Idea Phase. So exciting but daunting at the same time, constantly asking yourself is “my idea good enough?”, “Should you go for it?” I say, if it is working out to be a viable business, then YES, 100% go for it!


Level 2 – The Start Up and Experimental Era. This super era normally lasts between 1 – 2 years. There is so much advice for start ups so my top tip is to grab as much free help and advice as you can. Then as you start to make money invest a portion of it into business and self improvement. Read books, attend seminars and complete online study programmes. You can never stop learning.  


Make or Break

Level 3 –  Make or Break Stage One. Usually around the 3-5 year mark. I encountered this on a major scale at the 5 year mark. This is also the time when I hired and paid for my first business mentor.   My mentor was amazing and helped me turn my business around and for the first time into profit. I am now never without a paid mentor of some description, either working from a coaching programme online or having 1:1 sessions with my life coach in Cheltenham. Invaluable.


Level 4 – The Plato. Once you have hit this stage life is great. You have systems in place that make your business work wonderfully, you know your target audience to a T and how to sell to them.  You can continue on this path for as long a you like.


Level 5 – Make or Break Stage One. After being in level 4 for a while your attention may start to waver. Either you call it a day, carry on as you are or decide to take on a new challenge.



Level 6 – Leverage. The new challenge. This is where you look at your business in a whole new light and start to see ways of growing it that you had never seen before or had the experience to do. This is the stage I am at now, it is very exciting and I am documenting my journey on the blog so it can be of help to you guys.


Level 7+ – To infinity and beyond!  So I have had experience this stage. So personally don’t feel I can write about it. But I have called it to infinity and beyond because really the sky’s the limit!


Which level do you identify with the most?


DeeLewis“The day I met Pia was the first day I really believed my long-standing daydream could actually be a reality. While very professional she takes a friendly and relaxed approach and I feel she wants me to succeed just as much as I do and i can now think of her as a friend. Her help, encouragement and guidance over the last months has been invaluable to me and I honestly believe, if I had tried it alone, i would have given up on it a long time ago. I have learned a lot, there’s definitely more to the business side of things than I had realised and what I have achieved in the last six months I would have expected to take me a few years. My business has launched and I now have the confidence to charge right and not burn myself out. Thank you Pia, I couldn’t have done it without you, Highly recommended!”

Dee Lewis
Sweet Dee’s Bakery


There are a number of ways I offer business support: one-to-one mentoring both in-person and via the telephone/Skype, online self study courses and digital marketing services.

Are you on the road to starting your cake business? Are you looking at turning your passion into a business? This is such an exciting time though I completely understand it can be a little daunting and overwhelming with everything you need to learn and do.


If you have been in business for a while you may have hit a frustrating cross roads. You want to grow your business but currently you feel like you are just hitting your head against the oven door and just not getting anywhere.