In recent years Black Friday has taken the UK by storm and an estimated £810 million was spent last year – more than double the year before! If you splashed your cash in 2014 you will know all about website crashes and people fighting in the aisles to get the best deals. This day has turned into a major shopping event for the UK and I can totally see why, it is a fantastic way to pre sell your wares before the Christmas period.

Black Friday

The hype is amazing, just Google Black Friday and you will already see loads of blog posts, magazine write ups and newspaper articles telling you about the day and where to get the best deals.

This makes it a perfect event for your cake business to capitalise on and bring in a substantial amount of cash, that you could either spend on your Christmas shopping, or help cushion your business through the quieter month of January.

If you are going to create a Black Friday deal, keep it simple, most retailers offer discounts that the customer feels is too good to be missed.  But remember when you work out your discount,  make sure your direct costs are covered, you don’t want to lose money!

Let your clients and potential customers know that you will be taking part on Black Friday by drip feeding information in order to build anticipation and awareness. Utilitse your website if you have one, social media, word of mouth, mailing lists and even printed flyers. Let your audience know that you are offering discounts of up to xx% but don’t share the actual details of your deals until the day itself.

Good Luck!

Pia x
I would love to know if your business will be doing anything for this massive shopping bonanza, feel free to leave a comment in the box below.

Pia Cato

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