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Taking the plunge and going into business baking and decorating cakes is
not enough to set you up for the sweet kind of success. So many bakers set
up part time and never get to make it their sole profession, or are forced
to close their doors before even a year is out. But what can you do on top
of making high quality cakes that are in demand? These five questions will


If someone hears the name of your cake business, they need to know where
they can find you to follow up. This might be today, in a week or even a
year, depending on their cake and event needs, making it all the more
important to have a reliable presence online.

I recommend having a website for your cake business because you can do
things to improve your ranking on Google so you show up higher, but if
you’ve yet to set one up, then a Facebook page for your cake business will
work in the meantime.

Ultimately, you want someone to be able to type your cake business name
into Google or Facebook whenever they need a cake and remember you being
recommended and be able to find you, quickly and easily. If it involves a
lengthy search, they’re more likely to go with the baker that showed up



Once a potential customer has found your website, you want them to be able
to get in touch with you! List your contact details clearly on your
homepage and a dedicated page to make it easy for them to do so.

This could be as simple as a phone number and email address, but it always
helps to make things as easy as possible. If you’ve got a website, this
could be adding a built-in contact form to make things quicker for your
potential customer, or letting them know between what hours they can reach
you by phone.

5 things that could be holding your cake business back


Another reason your cake business might be passed by is if another baker
in your area has the reputation for being the best. They might not be the
best within your cake niche though, so you have the opportunity to make
yourself stand out!

Many bakers wait for word of mouth to do this for them, but they risk
missing out on orders in the meantime. You can build your reputation
faster. Get active on social media, share cake photos, testimonials and
reviews from happy customers and the photos they themselves have shared to
provide social proof that your cakes are brilliant, and you’ll soon have
the reputation for being professional and in demand that you want!



Potential customers will be hesitant to place an order if they don’t know
exactly what they’re getting. When it comes to the world of cakes,
descriptions will rarely cut it. That’s where a cake gallery comes in!
Make a clear album on your cake business Facebook page and a clear page on
your website solely dedicated to showcasing your cakes. People like to see
things to believe them, so take photos and show them just how brilliant
your baking and decorating is!



Don’t let down your brilliant cakes that took hours of work with a hurried
photograph that is poor quality. Aim to avoid photos that are dark,
cluttered, blurry or unclear. Instead, choose a clear, clean background
(white is always a good option!) to photograph your cake in front of.

Natural lighting will help your photos to look their best, so aim to
photograph them during daylight hours and near to a large window to make
the most of this. Your cake photos will be looking better in seconds, and
your cake business will thank you for it!


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Have any of these things been holding your cake business back? What will you do now?

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