Gluten free products seem to be a very fast growing trend, I remember just couple of years ago it was impossible to buy decent tasting gluten free products off the shelf. But now I think it is fantastic that there are now so many new products available for celiacs, people who are gluten intolerant and people who just want to avoid it.


This product was given to me for free from Cake Craft World for the purpose of this review.


I am sure as a professional or even a home baker you get asked if you can create gluten free cakes more often than not. You may have your own tried and tested recipe or you may be developing the perfect gluten free recipe that not only tastes delicious but stays fresh for a couple of days after. But it can take time and many months of testing. So I was delighted and intrigued to find out that a new gluten free packet mix had been brought to market and jumped at the chance when Cake Craft World ask me if I wanted to product review it. May this could be the answer to the endless recipe development tests!


First Impressions:

I was very excited to create the cakes using these products. The cupcake mix looked very intriguing. First impressions, I liked the silver packaging and branding, it looked fun and yummy. Also it was clear, easy to read and looked like it kept the product fresh. The fondant icing mix also looked good, again I like the branding and shape of the packaging, though the fondant icing mix could do with increasing the font (instructions) in size.  I loved the packaging for the loaf cups.


Opening the Products:

The packaging was easy to open (even though it looks as if I am struggling in the video!) The cupcake mix smelt lovely but looked very powdery. The package mix doesn’t provide everything, you do need extra items to create the cakes (butter, water and eggs) plus a cupcake tin if you are making cupcakes or tray to pop the loaf cups is you are using those. The fondant mix didn’t smell as lemony, but looked nice. The loaf cup were packaged wonderfully – a great gift in itself.



Batter was really easy to mix and turned out very well. It did feel a bit like I had forgotten something as it was practially all done for me. All I had to do was add the eggs, butter and water! Saved the on the washing up though!


The cake before going into the oven, very easy to spoon the batter into the loaf cups as it was a lovely consistency.


Out of Oven:

The cakes came out of the oven looking very good, lovely and golden. They didn’t smell lemony though. Pro’s so far, really good as you don’t have to faff around with creating a gluten free mix or adding xanthan gum, etc. Though it did feel strange as I am not used to using a packet mix.


Fondant Icing Mix:

To make the fondant you just pour it out of the packaging and add the correct quantity of water, however it didn’t smell lemony. But again a lovely consistency. I popped it in a piping bag and piped it on the cakes to avoid drips.

Iced cakes


The Tasting 

It took me approximately two hours to create the cakes from baking to cooling, icing and packaging (I packaged the neatest ones and tested the messy ones!).  You need to tear the loaf packaging to get the cake out, but then the cake just falls out. Very surprised with the texture, it actually looked light and fluffy! I was not expecting that! They cake didn’t smell very lemony but it actually tasted good! It didn’t even taste like it was gluten free. I was disappointed that the cake didn’t taste or smell like lemon, it tasted more like vanilla however, even though the icing did smell lemony it tasted like lemons.


Summing Up:

The pro’s and con’s of the mix, the icing and packaging. 

Pro’s of  the cake mix – tasted really good on the day of baking, not overally sweet and very light. The zip lock bag is really good idea, the packaging and branding is great fun and attractive. You couldn’t tell the cake was gluten free when you tasted it on the day. I would say perfect for home cake bakers, people unsure about baking gluten free products and children, a store cupboard essential. It was great to have the exact amout of gluten free ingredient. This mix is also suitable for vegetarian’s and can be made dairy free by using a dairy free spread.

Con’s of the cake mix – Didn’t taste of lemon.


Pro’s of the fondant mix – Fantastic that it created the exact amout for icing for the cakes I baked.  Really easy to use.

Con’s of the fondant mix – The writing on the packaging is to close together so makes reading the instructions hard.


Pro’s of the loaf cups – Loved them. Very pretty, easy to bake with, they look great when packaged with the cellophane, ribbon and tag. The perfect gift packaging.

Con’s of the loaf cups – none!
Would I use the mix and fondant icing again, for me, no, but for a home baker highly recommend it and I would buy it for my Mum to have in teh cupboard and whip out when her friends pop over. Also great to use with children.


Score out of 10 on the day of baking: 9/10 – I was impressed! I really was expecting an average to below average cake taste and performance. So for a packet mix I was impressed.


The Next Day

Pia and my friends

The next day I took the cakes round to my friends birthday lunch (here we are, all smiling away!). Overall everyone agreed with me felt the packaging was very pretty and attractive. I had kept the cakes in their packaging and an airtight box overnight, as I do with all my cakes.


This is how the cake looked the next day. It look good but tasted completely different to the freshly baked cake the day before. The day old cakes were claggy and sticky in the mouth, such a shame, they were also slightly dry. One of my friends didn’t like it at all, and we all agreed it needed way, way, way more lemon. I was disappointed that the taste vastly different.


Overall sum up

Overall I think this packet mix is great as a store cupboard item for personal use and for baking with children. The cakes taste great on the day that they are baked not so good the day after.

I do not recommend it for professional bakers as for professionals we really need to ensure the cakes can last longer than one day.

The cake mix doesn’t taste of lemon, so if you do purchase it, buy a lemon or two and grate in the zest. A homemade lemon syrup could help with the flavour as well, and could potentially make it last longer. Just drizzle on the cakes as soon as they come out of the oven.

The cupcake mix and fondant icing were very easy products to use, as you didn’t have to worry about creating your own gluten free mix. It was handy having the exact measurements of icing for your batch of cakes, and of course the reduced washing up was a bonus.

I loved the frills & frosting loaf moulds with ribbon and tags packaging – I felt they were pretty, feminine, strong and sturdy.  Very easy to bake in and perfect to package your bakes in as gifts for friends/family, as well as using as on professional basis and selling your professional bakes in.


Scores out of 10

Taking into account the the ease of use cupcake mix, ease of the fondant mix, taste of the cake, taste of fondant icing, the shelf life and packaging, I have reviewed my score and given it  7/10. 


Products Tested:

All can these products can be purchased from Cake Craft World.

(N.B. These products were given to me by Cake Craft World but these are my own thoughts and opinions). 

Have you used a packet mix before? Or would you use one at all? Let me know your thoughts and comments in the box below.

Happy Baking!

Pia x

Pia Cato

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