Do You Need Cake Business Help?

Hello! My name is Pia Cato and I’m Cake Business Mentor and cake business owner. Since 2015 I have specialised in helping UK cake designers, (particularly wedding cake designers), grow their home based businesses into highly successful and profitable ventures.  Having been there myself I know what it takes first hand to turn a failing cake business into a prosperous one.  Armed with a wealth of experience, tools and knowledge I now help people like you build the cake business of their dreams. Let 2019 be there year that you Make Money With Cakes!

Pia x


Pia Cato

Are you on the road to starting your cake business? Are you looking at turning your passion into a business? This is such an exciting time though I completely understand it can be a little daunting and overwhelming with everything you need to learn and do.


If you have been in business for a while you may have hit a frustrating cross roads. You want to grow your business but currently you feel like you are just hitting your head against the oven door and just not getting anywhere.